ICITM 2017 
Clare College, University of Cambridge, United Kingkom // | March 7-10, 2017



Excellent Oral Presentation Winners


Session 1

SURE-based optimal selection of regularization parameter for total variation deconvolutions
Presented by Feng Xue

From National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Test Physics and Numerical Mathematics, China


Session 2

Systemic Diagnosis and Strategy-Based Performance Indicators : Case of a Bamboo Panel Company Located in Mexico
Presented by Eva Selene Hern√°ndez Gress
From Academic Engineering Area, Autonomous University of Hidalgo, Mexic


Session 3 

CausaL Linkages to Systematically evaluate supply chain performance (CALLS) for SMEs in Thailand
Presented by Tuangyot Supeekit
From Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University, Thailand


Session 4

User Experience Evaluation On The Usage Of Commuter Line Train Ticket Vending Machine

Presented by Nadia Faradilla and Desica Nur Adimia

From Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia